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FNF Masterminds
- Brand Development -

FNF stands for “Friends and Family”. FNF Masterminds has a personal goal to help nourish the financial growth of its members by providing a space to exchange ideas amongst one another. 


Ashix Art was asked to create a series of logos to fit multiple platforms. The brand mark resembles a family crest which represents both the community aspect of the company and the opportunity for growing wealth. The font being paired with the brandmark is Gill Sans, Ultra Bold. The type face is very bold and legible from afar, but there are small slashes carved into each letter form much like the logo. The bold letter forms will draw attention initially while the little details will captivate the viewers for a little while longer.


  • Primary Logo

  • Secondary Logo

  • Favicon/ Profile Icon

  • Motion Graphic for Social Media

  • Business Cards

  • Apparel Design

Motion Graphics_edited.png

(Tap video for sound!)

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