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The History:

Ashlianna Felix is a Massachusetts-based Graphic Artist. She began her journey at Bristol community college and graduated in 2018 with an associates degree in fine arts. Her journey continued at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where she obtained a degree in Illustration and Graphic Design in 2021. 


The Style: 

After a period of time, Ashlianna developed her own personal sense of style within her work. Her style features thick, organic, black shapes or line work paired with bold colors that practically leap off of a page or screen. Her training in Illustration has given her a real keen sense for colors and how they work together. This yields beautiful results in her work.


The Goal:

Ashlianna Felix wants to team up with you to brainstorm, determine the plan of execution, and ultimately bring your vision to life. She wants to assist you by capturing the attention of your target audience and bringing them joy.

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