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Wicked Comic Con
- Brand Development -

Ashix Art was asked by the organizer of Wicked Comic Con to do a series of graphics in order to promote this event. We started with the logo. The organizer imagined a logo that would be reminiscent of the Marvel comics emblem, and so I brought his vision to life.


After the logo was designed we tailored the logo to fit various merchandise including stickers, t shirts, and shopping bags. The organizer wanted to use one color to reduce the cost of the shopping bags which provided a fun and interesting challenge. When the shopping bags were done the outcome was both attractive and cost-effective.


As the event approached we created informative postcards which were handed out at other comic book conventions. The postcards introduced Wicked Comic Con’s brand new logo, and informed potential attendees about where they could find this event. With only a couple days to spare before the event, we were asked to design a digital billboard. The billboard was long and skinny so creating an attractive composition within a short amount of time was challenging, however the organizers were pleased with the results.


On April 9, 2022 the Westin hotel opened its doors to attendees for Wicked Comic Con. Hundreds of people poured in the door filling every inch of the hotel.


  • Finished Logo

  • Promotional Postcard

  • Graphic for Tote Bag

  • Graphic for Billboard

  • T Shirt Graphic

  • Sticker Graphic

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