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Merrymac Games & Comics
- Van Wrap Design -

Merrymac Games and Comics recruited Ashix Art to design a wrap for a van. This van is used to transport and sell various comic books and graphic novels to customers. Our goal was to create a wrap that contained graphics from a few of their most popular characters. The owner of the company wanted us to somehow include a giant spiderweb and put graphics in between the spaces of the spiderweb, creating an organized mosaic.


To start we put their logo in the middle of the spiderweb, large enough to be seen from far away, then we began illustrating each section dedicated to their most popular characters. The characters included are Wonder Woman, Iron Man, and Captain America in the biggest section. We also included Rocket and Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy” in the second largest panel. The other two panels were filled with Pokémon and characters from “Magic the Gathering”.


We were given the creative liberty to use our own personal simplified style for each character.


  • Graphic for a Portable Comic Book Shop (Van Wrap)

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