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Extraordinary Women In History
- Senior Project -

Over the summer of 2020 Ashlianna stumbled upon the movie “Harriet“ directed by Kasi Lemmons. Immediately, she was enthralled by the incredible obstacles that Harriet Tubman had to overcome in order to become a free woman, and help all of her friends and family escape the shackles of slavery. Of course she had heard of Harriet Tubman before, but she wondered why she wasn’t covered in more detail in my history classes as a child. A lot of the data that she collected about Harriet Tubman was new information to her. She was an incredible role model, and she knew that young women would benefit from learning more about her. Ashlianna began to reflect on many of the other women who impacted history in an extraordinary way, but were often bypassed in the history books.

The efforts began, the goal was to create a series of book covers about these extraordinary women and their accomplishments. The targeted demographic was young children between the ages of eight and 12 years old. Ashlianna believes it is important for young women to be provided with role models to demonstrate just how powerful and important women are!

This series also includes stickers, bookmarks and a Spark AR filter which was featured on Instagram for three months!

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